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Achieve the success you deserve   

The 'SEVEN STEP FINANCIAL PLANNING SUCCESS SYSTEM' covers everything you need to know to achieve lasting success as a fee based Financial Planner. It's jam packed with practical tips and advice – from the mind set necessary for financial planning success right through to identifying, connecting with and getting MORE of the RIGHT clients.

It covers how to position, communicate and deliver your Financial Planning proposition in return for bigger fees. It covers fact finding, prospecting, segmenting clients, pitching your fees and a whole lot more. It's packed full of motivating tips, techniques, scripts and one liners that motivate prospects and existing customers to PAY to become highly profitable Financial Planning clients.


Each inspiring section of the 'SEVEN STEP FINANCIAL PLANNING SUCCESS SYSTEM' is broken down and delivered to you in bite-size, easy to follow, step-by-step video training sessions that you can watch time and time again. Over 130 short inspiring videos, delivered in a timely manner, each packed full of PROVEN tips and techniques.

All of this powerful information is available to you 24/7, from the comfort of your home or office. You don't need to take time out to attend Workshops and you can access the material at any time - always to suit you! All via your PC, your iPad or even your Smartphone! Take as much or as little as you want, whenever you want.

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The Programme is packed full of PROVEN ideas, tips and techniques that you can put to work immediately. You'll get inspiration by the bucket load - all designed to WOW! your clients so you can succeed at a higher level.

Whatever stage you're at in your Financial Planning career, you'll always find something useful. In fact, just one of the powerful ideas could repay your subscription a thousand times over. And that's no exaggeration:

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So, whether you're completely new to 'Lifestyle based' Financial Planning or already well on the journey, you can take countless ideas and inspiration from your membership of Inspiring Advisers. You can take as much, or as little as you like from the 'SEVEN STEP FINANCIAL PLANNING SUCCESS SYSTEM'. You decide. You can easily tailor the content to suit your needs - and your style.

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This Online Programme also provides valuable resources - downloadable pdf’s, client presentations and proven scripts - that just work!

What’s more, you'll learn easily adopted, step-by-step systems and processes that can put you in control and in the process guarantee you (and your staff) a peaceful life.

An Online Community of Inspiring Advisers!

Here's the best bit. Come on board and you'll be joining a growing community of like-minded Inspiring Advisers - all talking the same language!

That means you'll also get access to something really useful: PROOF! This proof is provided by regular 'no-holds-barred', down-to-earth inspiring interviews with other successful Lifestyle Financial Planners who've already adopted much of the advice contained in this programme. So you'll also benefit from their advice, their tips and their techniques. They'll openly share their experiences with you, for one simple reason - to help YOU succeed!

(They also share the mistakes they've made, so you don't have to!)

You'll also get access to special 'Member Only' Workshops, Webinars and other events - PLUS big discounts off other valuable resources (some savings easily cover the cost of your subscription!)

What's Your Investment?

Membership of Inspiring Advisers normally requires ONE payment of just £1,497 for Gold Membership. 

OR £147 per month for Silver Membership which provides Month-by-Month access. With Silver Membership there's no lock in period, you can cancel any time.




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If you don't get any benefit, or simply don't enjoy your membership, just let us know within 30 days of signing up and we'll happily give you a full refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings!

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You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain from joining Inspiring Advisers. Remember, you'll be joining a unique group of Advisers, dedicated to helping their clients get what they want, through the successful delivery of highly profitable, client-focused Lifestyle Financial Planning.

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Remember, just one idea could repay your subscription a thousand times over:

Kevin Wood Testimonial

( * All prices plus vat - UK only)

"Just wanted to let you know that I have been thoroughly enjoying the online training to date. I've not been this excited about my job in an awful long time!"

Keith Hannon

"I must say I have got extra clarity on what I want to do and some great scripts from this programme so far. I was struggling a little to explain Financial Planning, but your approach has solved this!"

Gerard Keogh

"Powerful stuff!!!! Loving it... Business through the roof in just one month... Cheers!"

Chris Guttridge

"This is great stuff Paul! Totally practical as usual. Already looking forward to the next videos. 8 years on from first working with you, I never tire of your help and enthusiasm, it is truly inspiring."

Nic Carlton-Smith

"Having spent years endlessly learning 'tips' and 'hints' from countless coaches, I've just realised that I'll only ever need to master this one approach. And It's such a relief! It feels as if this was written especially for me. I absolutely love learning this way."
Gary Phillips, Certified and Chartered Financial Planner. Phillips Financial Planning. 

"I just wanted to say thank you VERY MUCH for the creation of Inspiring Advisers.  I now feel good about what I do, which I haven't felt for a very long time."
Kevin Fancett

"Inspiring Advisers Online has been of immense value to me. It is fair to say that it has changed the way I work and all for the better."
Neil Rossiter Director, Blackdown Financial

"The strangest thing about all of this is that this is exactly what I have been wanting to do for my clients for a very long time, but simply didn't know how to do it and more importantly, didn't know how to articulate it to a client in such a way that we're able to engage in the planning rather than be talked at by their adviser. Now I know!"
Bernie McKernan

"I've used your stuff and am totally blown away by the results. I must admit to having been sceptical about some of your claims initially, but I'm now converted totally - I only wish someone had shown me this 12 years ago when I became an IFA, rather than focusing on all of the technical aspects and product related blah."
Chris Wilkins

"Your online course is absolutely everything you said it would be. In fact it's is a lot more than I expected and is worth every penny. In the two months so far I have become infinitely more confident in presenting what I do for clients, confidently explaining what my fee is (much larger than what I used to embarrassingly ask in return for my service). Thank you!"
Graeme Macmillan

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“Paul is one of the financial services professions real thought leaders - he is something of a visionary and has an infectious way of imparting his creativity and ideas to those working with him. I highly recommend him and know from experience that working with him can be a rewarding experience.”

Alan Smith, CEO, Capital Asset Management, London.

“In over 20 years in "the industry" I have never met anyone that has had such a profound effect on me as an individual, and as company owner in the way I deal with my clients. Meeting Paul is a life changing experience, but this is only part of it - seeing the results of what he teaches is mind blowing.”

Ian Robinson - Forbes Lawson, Aberdeen

“Every aspiring Lifestyle Financial Planner should spend some time with. Paul. His process is simple, client focussed and it works! Paul's concepts are brilliant and provide a compelling proposition to the client of how we, as planners, can help them. It makes you stand out from the crowd!”

Andrew Pierson

“Paul has had a profound effect on the way our business has changed over the last 2 years. Working with Paul has been a pleasure and I look forward to continuing this journey in the future with a very professional and down to earth guy.”

Richard McMillan - Forbes Lawson, Aberdeen

“Paul introduced me into the world of professional financial planning; I found his methods and teachings extremely valuable.”

Mike Roberston

“Paul is an inspiration for and total advocate of real lifestyle financial planning. Anyone wanting to build a client focused business with integrity and fun need only talk to Paul to see ‘the light’".

Adrian Pickersgill

"Paul Armson deserves (and has) my immense gratitude and I would have absolutely no hesitation of recommending him as a person who can truly make a positive difference to lives, careers and businesses.”

Mark Cooper

“I met Paul in August 2007, and can say meeting and listening to Paul changed my life! (I've told him this in public so he will not be surprised at my comment!) Paul allowed me to see, after many years trying to the find the right way, what my clients actually wanted. Paul has a fresh way of presenting ideas and solutions, but above all has enabled me to help my clients achieve their goals and dreams with a simple and efficient approach and process, based on the client not the financial services industry.”

Tim Atkinson - Falmouth

"I can honestly say few people in my business life have inspired me more to think outside the box and make a positive difference to my client’s lives".

Iain Wishart - Edinburgh

"Without a shadow of a doubt, Paul has been the single, biggest influence on my financial planning career to date. He has transformed the way I work and made it an absolute pleasure to deliver Lifestyle Financial Planning. The result being lifelong, happy and secure clients."

Damien Rylett - Brunel Capital Partners

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